Welcome to the "Schamberg" Wine Estate.

The Schamberg Wine Estate in the beautiful picturesque hills of Lorraine, south-west of the Vosges. This historic estate is surrounded by vast pastures and forests.

The red deer find this area an optimal breeding environment. The sunny location and clay soils give the grapes in the area their unique character. In these grassy pastures with plenty of shelter, horses enjoy a perfect resting place. Nature lovers can relax in a friendly country cottage, go hiking, or take horseback rides in the countryside around the estate. Dr. Georges Geigy has devoted himself to agriculture with the aim of reviving the Field of Schamberg in all its facets.

A veterinarian with extensive experience, Madeleine Rauch is dedicated to the welfare of the animals residing on the estate.

We would love to welcome you to the estate!


Georges Geigy & Madeleine Rauch